Residential Evictions – Fixed Fee From £395

At The Eviction Group we know how stressful it can be dealing with uncooperative tenants, and hiring the help from a professional can be costly, but not with us when fees are fixed. We provide a service which is not only professional and effective but cost efficient and quick. If you need guaranteed tenant eviction then it can cost from as little as £395 with no extra hidden costs.

As soon as notice is served to a tenant our legally trained experienced staff are on hand to prepare and issue the County Court proceedings to ensure that your case is handled and closed as quickly as possible. The County Court will set a hearing date where appropriate and if needed we can arrange for an advocate to attend court for you, they will provide you with the best support possible on the day.

For residential evictions a legal professional instructed by us will prepare and present your case to the court, giving you the best chance of success and obtaining your order for possession. Remember that The Eviction Group provide a service from start to finish, from issue of notice to actual eviction. This means you can have peace of mind that you’ll only be dealing with us. If you have queries we can tell you there and then exactly what the progress on your case is. This tenant eviction service is by far the most popular that we provide, but please note that there is also a fixed Court Fee which is payable to the County Court where the claim is issued. This currently stands at £355.

All of our fees are final and there are no added extras which will pop up along the way. Our guaranteed tenant eviction proceedings include:

  • Appropriate notices prepared by our lawyers
  • Service of notice
  • Preparation of all court papers by our lawyers
  • Drafting of witness statements by our lawyers
  • Representation at the first court hearing by our lawyers should you require it

Possession Notices

Serving a valid notice under sections 8 to 21 of the Housing Act 188 is perhaps the most important part of the residential evictions process and is key to its success. If a mistake is made at this stage it can affect everything, it can be costly, and it can add precious time onto the process, potentially leading to you losing rental revenue. Our specialised experts in landlord and tenant issues are dedicated in preparing eviction notices so there’s no need to worry.
Order Now – £49

Obtaining a possession order

Should the tenant fail to vacate the premises following issue of notice we will instruct our own in-house legal team to apply to the courts for possession. For Section 21 accelerated route proceedings there is normally no hearing and the judge will make their decision based on the papers submitted. A good reason to ensure everything is correct. For all other proceedings a hearing date will be set by the court, our advocate will attend on your behalf in order to present your case and obtain the possession order.

Expired Tenancy Eviction

Order Now – £395

Rent Arrears Eviction

Order Now – £495

Bailiff Action

Once the court order for possession is made the tenant will have a period of time to vacate the property, but if they do not leave The Eviction Group can complete the eviction process for . If you select our fast track option we can apply for leave from the court to instruct a High Court Enforcement Officer to evict the tenant. Once leave is granted the possession order can be transferred to the High Court. eviction can then take place in as little as 24 hours. If you hold an existing possession order then this can also be set on the Fast Track route.

Alternatively we can apply for County Court bailiffs to evict the tenant on your behalf.

Order Now – £199