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Sometimes things don’t quite go as planned, and unfortunately for some property owners even when a court has granted a possession order this may be ignored by your tenants or by squatters within the building. If this is the case then you may need to take further action in the form of High Court Evictions. More often than not if you go straight to the County Court their bailiffs may be unable to carry out an eviction themselves for many months which is where we come in.

You can count on The Eviction Group to handle your High Court evictions. Our team have an in-depth knowledge and a straightforward understanding of how to implement your claim and get guaranteed tenant eviction on the day.

We operate throughout England and Wales so whether you’re based in Manchester or Cornwall we’re here to support you in the quickest way possible. Remember while you are not in the possession of your property and it is being illegally inhabited you are losing money from potential rent and the deterioration of the property. To minimize and reduce this potential loss  you can apply to fast track your eviction through the High Court. You may be thinking that the cost of High Court evictions are  expensive when compared to the County Court route, but if time is of the essence for your residential or commercial eviction then this is the best – and quickest – course of action to take.

If you want the most effective method for removing a tenant from your property when they blatantly ignore a possession order then High Court evictions are what you’re looking for. We have the experience to ensure you get guaranteed tenant eviction once the writ is enforced. By using Section 42 of the County Courts Act, The Eviction Group will submit an application for leave to transfer the possession order through to the High Court on your behalf. The application will be drafted by our professional team on your behalf to make sure the request is correctly worded.

If leave has been obtained, or you already have an order with permission to transfer already granted then we can move immediately onto the next step. The possession order will then be sent through to the High Court for a writ of possession to be sealed; this is then actioned as soon as possible by our in house enforcement officers.

If you choose to use our fast track service then an eviction can often be carried out within 48 hours of the possession order with leave to transfer being granted. You do not need to notify the tenant in advance of your plans as possession of the property is legally yours. After they are evicted tenants will be given time to collect their possessions through supervised access to the property.

We know that as a landlord you don’t have to be subjected to the lengthy delays you may get quoted by the County Court Bailiffs which is why we offer our fast track service.  Remember for a high court enforcement officer to evict a residential tenant you must have already obtained leave from the Country Court, and this permission is granted at the discretion of the court.


At the Eviction Group we understand that all landlords want their property back without the lengthy delays often quoted by the County Court Bailiffs. We are also aware that claims are sometimes made by competitors that they will GUARANTEE High Court Eviction within 7 days.

For a High Court enforcement officer to evict a residential tenant they MUST obtain leave from the County Court. This permission is granted at the discretion of the Court.

Without this permission any writ of possession is invalid and any action taken under it therefore illegal.

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