Debt Recovery

A common reason for residential eviction is due to non-payment of rent, and it’s one thing to get the tenant out but how do you reclaim the money that you are owed?

Once we have helped you regain possession of the property you can take advantage of our fully integrated debt collection service. By using our service you can consider the options you have for pursuing your ex-tenant for the rent arrears they accumulated as well as other outstanding payments including repairs costs, service charges and more. This is money you are legally owed by the tenant so it’s your right to expect it to be paid.

At The Eviction Group we’ve had plenty of experience in gaining back landlords money, but our top priority at every step is your satisfaction. We can provide you with advice and guidance throughout the process, and tailor our strategy to your instructions. We can offer alternative paths to reach resolution which you can consider, and help you identify the best course of action in your circumstances.

After residential eviction the debt recovery process can seem daunting but our team of expert legal professionals are on hand to prepare all of the applications and required paperwork to help you get back what you are owed. We pride ourselves on providing the service both quickly and efficiently.

All of the debt collection protocols which we adopt are fully compliant with the Office of Fair Trading guidelines so you have peace of mind that everything will be above board.

Our qualified and experienced debt recovery professionals will:

  • Provide you with commercial and residential rent collection
  • Assign you an individual case manager who will deal with your case
  • Give you a range of collection of processes
  • Give you access to collections via High Court Enforcement